In tune with the times

ALTRAD plettac assco, as part of the ALTRAD Group and one of the largest scaffolding manufacturers in Europe, has been producing scaffolding systems and scaffolding accessories "Made in Germany" for decades.

While the production is based in Großräschen, the diverse product range of ALTRAD plettac assco GmbH based in Plettenberg is supplemented by professional advice from our sales team and our in-house development / technology team.

The constant adaptation of the scaffolding to changing customer requirements as well as the further and new development of our systems is carried out in our technical team. The demands of our customers are our benchmark.

Our products are subject to constant process optimization for the highest level of quality, safety and customer satisfaction.
All processes are subject to constant and strict quality controls. The fulfillment of all security requirements is a matter of course, because the top priority is security, flexibility and reliability, whether at product or process level.