Gerüste . Scaffolding
Gerüste . Scaffolding

For every purpose: ALTRAD plettac assco

ALTRAD plettac assco's products are distributed worldwide, they are well known as most flexible and most safe systems in the scaffold sector.

Made in Germany is very important for ALTRAD plettac assco and a big part of production output is for exporting abroad. Our wide product range is a successful concept with 100 % quality products. ALTRAD plettac assco stands for facade and modular scaffolding systems, rolling towers, event systems, weather protection, civil protection and accessories.

The products are manufactured in ALTRAD plettac Production's plant according to high quality standards in Grossraeschen. Fulfilling every safety requirements is self-evident. All approvals such as certificates are available for the customer. Day after day ALTRAD plettac assco is demonstrating that safety, flexibility and reliability are indispensable in this sector.

  Frame Scaffolding
  Modular Scaffolding
  Mobile Scaffolding
  Weather Protection

The welded scaffold frame is the core of this type of façade scaffold. The frames are assembled on top of each other and support the working platforms as well as access decks, side protection and bracing. The design enables maximal speed to assemble and disassemble the scaffolding. Reference to assembly guides has to be made. Approvals are required to use these scaffolds in Germany.

All steel parts are hot dipped galvanized. The design and surface makes the products very durable and long lasting.

Various frame scaffolds are continuously available and updated by new inventions.

Approvals are available for most of these ALTRAD plettac assco frame system scaffolds.

The junction between standards, ledgers, transoms and braces is the core of ALTRAD plettac assco multidirectional scaffold systems. The junction enables quick and easy connection of load bearing items as well as reinforcing parts to each other with an enormous rigidity. Flat disks are welded to the standards in equal distances of 50 cm. Ledgers/transoms and braces are connected to the perforated disks with casted heads and wedges. Modular scaffold systems are suitable for industrial scaffold purposes where a bigger variety and larger capacities are required for birdcage scaffolds or special constructions.

ALTRAD plettac assco is supplying two different modular scaffolding systems:

Both systems are fully approved in Europe as well as in Germany.

plettac AluQuick, AluStar und assco rapido

With the plettac Aluminium Rolling Towers the professional user gets long-living and high quality products that can be used inside and outside. A small number of lightweight parts are offering a flexible field of applications. Quick assembling and disassembling, structural safety (in all heights), sturdiness and long life time, these are characteristics of plettac assco Mobile Scaffolding systems.

One castor for all plettac Aluminium Rolling Towers. The load capacity of castor and the 200 mm diameter wheel is 11,9 kN regardless the erection height. All constructions correspond to the new aspect of EN 1004.

Stage system show star

The ALTRAD plettac assco stage system show star is a combination of the high resilient and flexible modular scaffolding system contur as the substructure and the well-engineered Schnakenberg stage system.

Patented stage adapters which are inserted into the vertical standards are connecting the stage boards and the modular scaffolding system. The stage adapters are able to connect up to 4 stage boards. At the same time guard rails are being fixed with a plug-in connection at the stage adapters.

The modular scaffolding system plettac contur is approved by the building authorities in Germany and other European countries. The stage boards are approved by TÜV and are in accordance to DIN 4112.

Grandstand system AB-grand star

The ALTRAD plettac assco grandstand system AB-grand star is also a combination of the high resilient and flexible modular scaffolding system contur as the substructure and the high resilient AB stage system.

Modular roof plettac top 75/100

Contemporary scaffolding increasingly demands temporary roofing. By using our flexible and easy to assemble modular roofing, which can be accommodated to a variety of roofing sizes, layouts and structures, our customer can extend their range of capabilities and therefore improve their chances of gaining new contracts. Use plettac modular roofing whenever construction work requires reliable protection against the effects of the weather.


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